Commission prices

This price guide has been updated 01/2019. All prices are in GBP. Pricing is subject to changes on a case by case basis.

I charge different rates for businesses and individuals. I support affordable art and multimedia content and want to take different budgets into account in my pricing.

For business pricing please email me at Generally I refer to London Freelancers’ Fees Guide.

I don’t do any work free of charge, but I consider skill and service exchanges and trades if I know your work.

Media commissions

I charge per hour, starting at £18/h with the minimum fee of £25 altogether. You can find examples of my writing from this directory. For more detail and guidance, please refer to the Freelancers’ Guide linked above.

Art commissions

commissions info also available

Sketches £7/headshot, £10/half body £15/full body
Flat colours £10/headshot, £10/half body £25/full body
Full coloured works £15/headshot, £18/half body £28/full body

A simple background can be included in the price. I can also do environments without characters, tattoo designs and other graphics within a similar price range. 

When commissioning me, please let me know whether you’re interested in digital or traditional art. In traditional media I use markers, inks and watercolour. I will also need information about poses, themes, background and other details you want in the image. I’m happy to brainstorm these with you if needed, create options and/or use my discretion. 

digital art reference traditional art reference

What about Ko-Fi?

You can either use the website to pay for my existing work that is available online, or you can request a simple custom commission. 

My Ko-fi commissions are usually where I experiment with techniques and styles and the customer has a little less control over the creative process. (That’s why they’re cheaper.) When sending me a commission ko-fi, please detail in the message or in a DM/email what type of drawing would you like, or request a surprise drawing, to make sure your ko-fi doesn’t get mixed with tips on existing content.

Current pricing:
2 cups (£6) / a sketch of your choice, possibly coloured
4 cups (£12) / a more polished drawing of your choice (coloured)

What price do I pay?

If you work for and are supported by a company, an organisation, or any other such body that is able to budget expenses in media and artwork you need to refer to business pricing. I can consider discounts for student work and grassroots organisers with limited budgets.

If you’re ordering work for personal use you can refer to the guide above. Examples for personal use in this case include editing cover letters, transcribing interviews for theses, creating pictures of your roleplaying characters or writing for your own website. If you’re a small entrepreneur we can decide on a price that’s somewhere in between.