Commission guide

This guide has been updated 03/2019. All prices are in GBP. Pricing is subject to changes on a case by case basis.

Art commissions

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Prices for head, bust and full body images
SKETCH: £7/£10/£15
FLATS: £7/£15/£25
FULL COLOUR: £15/£18/£28

Prices for other products

A simple background can be included in the price. I can also do environments without characters.

Media commissions

I charge per hour, starting at £18/h with the minimum fee of £25 altogether. You can find examples of my writing from this directory. For more detail and guidance, please refer to the Freelancers’ Guide linked above and contact me via email about your commission.

Terms of Service

You’re expected to pay the full price of the commission after accepting the initial sketch and/or colour plan.

Changes can be made at the sketch and colour plan stages without cost. Unless I have received a request for changes within 24 hours I will continue the work as planned. If 24 hours is not enough time for you to get back to me, please let me know beforehand and we can decide on a time that suits you.

Changes after an accepted sketch or colour plan are charged at an hourly rate of £15 that is expected to be paid in full before receiving the final product.

I reserve the right to use any produced imagery in my portfolio, website and promotional material, but can not resell or create products from commissioned work.

You are not allowed to mass produce my designs or sell them for profit without a written permission.

Ko-fi commissions work on their own terms specified below in their section.

What about Ko-Fi?

You can either use the website to tip me for my existing work that is available online, or you can request a streamlined custom commission.

All Ko-fi commissions are paid at order and don’t follow the usual sketch and colour plan structure.

You must specify that you are paying a commission while sending me the coffee using the message function on the website. You can send me further details via email or DM on Twitter.

Current pricing:
2 cups (£6) / a sketch of your choice, possibly coloured
4 cups (£12) / a more polished drawing of your choice (simple colours)

Business pricing and trades

I charge different rates for businesses and individuals. For business pricing please email me at Generally I refer to London Freelancers’ Fees Guide.

I don’t do any work free of charge, but I consider skill and service exchanges and trades if I know your work. Let’s swap some creations!