Commission guide

This guide has been updated 01/2019. All work is accepted and priced on a case by case basis and the final agreements are made with the customer.

I am currently working part time for health related reasons so my turnaround might be affected. I try to take this into account when taking up new work and planning deadlines to the best of my ability.


I currently accept three types of payments:

  • Paypal invoices (I will need your paypal email for this)
  • Bank transfers from UK or Finnish banks
  • Ko-fi

The first two are for regular commissions detailed on this page. For Ko-fi, please see the end of my pricing guide.

For written work I expect to be paid after handing in my work. If you have commissioned me, you must pay me even if you don’t use my writing.

For creative work you must pay me before receiving the final product. If I’ve proceeded to the final sketch stage with your work and there are no changes you’ve proposed, I expect to be paid in full.

Edits and changes

Written work can be edited at any stage, but please allow me a full day (24 hours) outside of weekends or holidays to implement any required changes.

Major changes can’t be made into creative work after the final sketch stage without an additional payment and extended deadline.

Rights of use

Unless otherwise specified, you’re not allowed to repurpose my creations for profit, e.g. using a design and making merch to sell.

Similarly I am not allowed to repurpose content that was created for you and use it for new profit – it’s yours to keep.

I reserve the right to use any creations in my blogs, portfolios or other publications as a reference of my past work.

Stages of creative work

This is relevant if you’re ordering an art commission and clarifies when changes can be made and at what point I expect to be paid for my work. This is mostly for large drawings, paintings and coloured work that requires multiple stages of work to complete.

  1. Initial sketches. This is when I create thumbnails, ideas, or a loose sketch of the work we are planning. This is the ideal point for proposing changes, additions and new ideas. If changes are made, they will be presented to you and when we’re happy I will continue to the next stage.
  2. Final sketches. This is usually a full drawing but without colouring. This is the last stage where major changes can be made without an additional fee. After you’ve confirmed any changes made and the rough colour plan, I will continue to finish the piece. At this point you can no longer cancel the order and must pay me for my work.
  3. Final work. This is the finished piece. You will get a watermarked lower resolution preview, and in order to receive the full image I need to see the payment on my account or Paypal.

You’re free to request to see work in process at any stage. I usually deliver the final files via email unless otherwise requested.

Additional fees

If you want a piece printed and/or mailed to you, you’re expected to cover the postage.

The only additional fee I charge is the late edit fee for creative work. It’s usually either the same as the additional character fee or 50% of the commission price if the change and the work are big.


I work 3-4 days a week on a flexible schedule, prioritising weekdays and days that are not public holidays. This means that unless otherwise specified weekends and public holidays will affect deadlines and you need to take this into account when placing an order.

The expected minimum turnaround for any work is 24 hours but generally you should allow at least a week for anything larger than a sketch commission or editing a short piece of text. This is because I’m not currently able to work full time.

You can propose a deadline when setting up your order and depending on my workload I can either confirm it or suggest a shorter or a longer time. At the moment I’m unable to give you hard deadlines, but I can always give an estimation.

For any additional questions, please contact me via email at hello(at)


Please refer to the full pricing guide.