The Depressed Activists


Complete lack of energy. The eternal doom of nihilism. Bouts of high anxiety when anything can cause a panic attack, from the sound of a fork falling on the floor to a surprising flatmate saying hello in the kitchen. Moments when you feel like a hero and a survivor when you’ve actually made it out […]

14th July 2016

Celebrity advocates and the right to speak out


So let me get this straight: when a celebrity, usually a rich (white) cis person, comes out with their mental illness or other disability, that doesn’t give them a free pass. It doesn’t mean that this person is now immune to criticism or that they¬†should be considered The Face of Said Disability. It doesn’t mean […]

7th July 2016

Laziness re-evaluated


  Mental illness can affect anyone. In England that number is 1 in 4 people in any given year [1], with up to 10% of the population suffering from depression in their lifetime [1]. And these are the recorded figures: in reality there might be more people suffering in silence. Despite of depression being one […]

24th May 2016

Wellbeing Wednesday: 30 days of yoga


I’ve been practising yoga on-again-off-again for about a five years now. My first years were the absolute fitness white boy experience (about which I shall write more later), the next few focused on research and reading, as well as some physical practice. And I quit for a while, and started again when it started affecting […]

29th July 2015

Well-being Wednesdays


Sometimes life is a battle. It can feel like a long, barely rewarded quest where enemies are big and scary and difficult and the last checkpoint ages away. But it can also be a series of smaller ones that each give you a pretty thing to cherish after delivering goods or slaying eviltons. One of […]

23rd July 2015