Hi there! My name is Julius. I’m a 24-year-old multimedia freelancer. I’m openly trans and gay. I’m vegetarian, working on becoming vegan. I’m into politics but not parties, people but not borders, and cats, cats, and cats.

I’m a journalism graduate from London College of Communication. I’m also a depression and anxiety survivor and I write about a variety of things, including but not limited to activism, LGBTQ issues and mental health. I’ve written for University of the Arts, Gay Times and Artefact and helped around at Uncut and BBC Labs. I’ve also worked in a vintage shop – let’s be real, mostly running an Instagram account and creating displays – and drawn things for people.

Teaspionage – a portmanteau of tea and espionage – started out as a lifestyle blog of a Finnish-born university student who’d just moved to England, but has since evolved into whatever bunch of joy it’s now. A lot of the everyday chat has moved over to my Youtube channel and twitter accounts (journalism, art). But I’m still here.

You can find my other work through my website. If you want to talk business you can email me at hello@juliusjoki.com or send me a tweet on one of my work accounts. I’m usually up for commissions. I base my freelance rates on London living wage and the freelance fee guide by the union.